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The British Hose clamp 2021-12-13
Features of British type hose clamp

Label: stainless steel Hose clamp torque

British hose clamp: the main feature is that the bandwidth is 11.7mm; The driving teeth are milled by a milling machine rather than stamped. Therefore, the inner ring is smooth. British carbon steel pipe hoop, British stainless steel pipe hoop, red, green and blue paint head pipe hoop.

Thick walled pipes with a pipe diameter of more than 30 mm are connected with soft and hard pipes, with high free torque and overall torque. The edge of the throat hoop is smooth without damaging the hose, and the rotation is fast. The throat hoop can be reused. The hose clamp has high fastening strength and low price. It is suitable for internal combustion engine, diesel engine, fire fighting and medium and low-grade models.
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